Welcome to the Northern Ireland Bodyshop Alliance (NIBA)

Our Member Repairers are your local source of help and advice when your vehicle gets damaged. Whether you are making an insurance claim or paying personally for the repairs, make a NIBA member your first choice for independent professional help to keep your vehicle safe on the road.

NIBA recommend you make its Accident Management partner CRASH Services Limited your first call after any type of accident.


Northern Ireland’s Independent Vehicle Accident Repair Centres

Always remember – whether you are making an insurance claim or not – you are always free to choose the repairer who fixes your vehicle – It’s Your Car – Your Choice

NIBA recommend that you always seek independent advice should any insurance company insist you use a repairer of their choice.

Use the search feature below to find your nearest NIBA member:

      Our repairers use the latest repair and finishing techniques – simply complete the form and you will receive estimates for your repair.

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